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Coconut Shells Lump  Charcoals

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Coconut Shells Activated Carbon

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Coconut Shell Charcoal


"It's the first time in the history of metallurgy that this fuel has been found in place of charcoal."

Maria Rosaria Belgiorno

Coconut Shell Charcoal















Palm Kernel Shell Charcoal

Palm Kernel Shell (PKS) Charcoal can be used to replace coke from coal in metallurgy process. Because of the low sulfur and ash content and high calorific value, PKS charcoal can be said better and even cheaper fuel than coke. In addition to that, as CO2 generated from the charcoal is not counted as Green House Gases, use of charcoal has the possibility of CDM project. The test use in Electric Arc Furnaces showed that no bad effect, which was concerned at first from high volatile matter, was observed. On the contrary, electrical energy saving was better than the case of coke from the high volatile content.

Pictures below are physical appearance comparison between PKS charcoal and Coke:

Palm Kernel
              Shell Charcoal

Coke from
              coking coal
(The above pictures are courtesy of Japan Consulting Institute)

Our Palm Kernel Shell Charcoal comes with two quality specification:


High Fixed Carbon Spec

High Volatile Spec


Max 2%

Max 2%


Max 8% 

Max 7%


Max 8% 

Max 16% 

Fixed Carbon

Min 82%

Min 75%

Gross Calorific Value 

Min 7,300 kcal/kg

Min 7,500 kcal/kg

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