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Coconut Shell Charcoal


Now you can get free Samples of Coconut Shell Charcoal Briquettes for Hookah/Shisha. All you have to pay is just the shipment cost to your country.

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Hookah Charcoal - Shisha Charcoal - Hookah Coal - Shisha Coal

Our shisha charcoal is made of all natural materials: coconut shell charcoal and small portion of natural starch as binder. We are proud to be the manufacturer of many well-known hookah charcoal brands available in world market.

Coal shapes and sizes:

We produce briquette in many shapes and packaging according to customers' requirements. The following are some example of briquette shapes we have produced for our customers:
Coconut Shell Charcoal Briquettes - Cube
Application: Shisha, hookah, Narghile, carvão para narguilé, hubbly bubbly, الفحم للشيشة , Wasserpfeife, waterpijp, уголь для кальяна, наргиле въглен, nargile kömürü, vattenpipa kol, charbon de narguilé, cachimba carbón, , кальянний вугілля, زغال چوب قلیان , кальянный вугаль , narghilé carbone di legna, פחם נרגילה , κάρβουνο ναργιλές , qymyr nargjile, carbune pentru narghilea, Grill, BBQ, Sukiyaki, metallurgy, blast furnace others 
Size: 2.5cm x 2.5xcm x 2.5cm (1"x1"x1") 
Coconut shell charcoal briquet stick
Application: Shisha, hookah, вугілля для кальяну , Narghile, الفحم للشيشة . Wasserpfeife, уголь для кальяна, Shisha Kohle, waterpijp, Grill, BBQ, Sukiyaki, others 
Size: diameter 2.5cm (1"), length 6cm (2.4") 
Same as stick shape with additional lines to make it easy to break according to required size
Aplication: Shisha, hookah, вугілля для кальяну ,Narghile, الفحم للشيشة , Wasserpfeife, уголь для кальяна, waterpijp, Grill, BBQ, Sukiyaki, others 
Size: diameter 2.5cm (1"),length 6cm (2.4") 
Shisha Charcoal Specification:
Moisture: max 5%
Ash content: max 5%
Volatile: max 12%
Fixed carbon: min 78%
Gross calorific value: min 30,000 kJ/kg
Ignition time: max 10 minutes over gas stove
Longevity for shisha smoking: min 90 minutes 
Surface temperature: around 320 ºC
Middle temperature: around 350 ºC 
Please note that the above value is measured during pre-shipment inspections, the actual result may vary from time to time, due to climate and storage condition.
Should you interested in buying our coconut shell charcoal for Hookah and Shisha, please check the latest price here or you can send your inquiry here .



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