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Coconut Shells Activated Carbon

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Our brand: Tanbaro

"The wonderful world of home appliances now makes it possible to cook indoors with charcoal and outdoors with gas"
Bill Vaughn

Coconut Shell Charcoal


Now you can get free Samples of Coconut Shell Charcoal Briquettes for Hookah/Shisha. All you have to pay is just the shipment cost to your country.

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Barbecue Charcoal Briquettes

Our charcoal briquette for BBQ is made of all natural materials: coconut shell charcoal and small portion of natural starch as binder. Since coconut shell charcoal is not made of timber product, thus it doesn't require Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification for selling in European countries. Please support environmental sustainability by using coconut shell charcoal briquettes instead of wood charcoal from rainforest. 

Barbecue charcoal is very seasonable household product. Almost 70% of annual consumption is happened during summer. 

Briquettes shapes and sizes for BBQ:

This is favorite shape for BBQ, with inner hole to allow more air flow during burning
Application: Grill, Barbecue, バーベキューの炭 , 바베큐 숯 , Mokutan, Sukiyaki, home heating, others 
Size: diameter: outer 4cm (1.6"), inner hole 1cm (0.4") ; length 9cm (3.6") 
This is our newly developed shape based on requirement from a customer in West Europe. It requires very high pressure to print, considering its weight is about 1 kg (2.25 lbs) per piece. 
Application: Shisha, hookah, BBQ, バーベキューの炭 , 바베큐 숯 , fireplaces, room heater, others 
Size: Diameter: Outer 15cm (6"), inner hole 1cm (0.4"); thickness 7cm (2.8") 
Briquette Specification:
Moisture: max 5%
Ash content: max 4%
Volatile: max 12%
Fixed carbon: min 78%
Gross calorific value: min 30,000 kJ/kg
Kindling time: about 15 minutes using chimney starter
Burning time: almost 5 hours
Please note that the above value is measured during pre-shipment inspections, the actual result may vary from time to time, due to climate and storage condition.
Should you interested in buying our coconut shell charcoal briquette for BBQ, please check the latest price here or you can send your inquiry here .



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